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Tunisia: Tourism earnings up 16.3%

Tunisia’s Tourism receipts reached 2,696.5 million dinars to December 20, 2017, posting a 16.3% growth compared to the previous season, according to a report of the Prime Ministry.

The month of August saw the highest performance of the season, recording revenues of about 674 million dinars against 469 million dinars during the same period of 2016, i.e. an increase of 43.7%.

6.7 million tourists visited Tunisia during this period, up 23% compared to 2016. Algerian tourists arrive at the top of the foreigners who visited Tunisia recording a 40.5% increase over 2016.

French tourists occupy the top of the list of European tourists having chosen the destination Tunisia, with a rise of 45,5% compared to 2016, followed by the Russian tourists whose number has decreased by 17,3% compared to the past season.

The number of total tourist overnight stays as of December 10, 2017 has risen by 22.3% compared to 2016, amounting to 21,251 million overnight stays.

The number of overnight stays was highest in Djerba-Zarzis, with 4,664 million overnight stays, followed by Sousse (4,084 million overnight stays).


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