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Tunisia: wage bargaining in private sector stalling

Social negotiations, the national adult education program and social assistance were the focus of a press conference held Thursday at the seat of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Regarding the business sector and public institutions, Khalil Zaouia, the Minister of Social Affairs said wage negotiations started smoothly, indicating that “an approximation of positions was noted from both sides” and hoping that negotiations will be completed before the Eid el Idhaa.

Regarding the private sector, the Minister said that negotiations on wage increases have stalled because of the position of both partners, the UGTT and UTICA. The employers’ organization is proposing an increase of no more than 5.5%, because of the increased weighs induced in particular by the rise in prices of fuel and electricity, and the UGTT is sticking stubbornly to an increase of 7%.

According to the Minister, if the deadlock persists, the matter will be referred to the higher committee of negotiations which will decide on this case.

Recommendations to promote Adult Education

“The national adult education program was marred by widespread corruption and serious financial abuse. The program was essentially at the service of politics “Khalil Zaouia noted, stating that five officials were dismissed from their functions and their files have been transferred to courts.

An evaluation committee involving the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education noted a large number of failures. It also cites the use of private facilities for teaching.

Khalil Zaouia also suggested the creation of a steering committee of the national adult education program, the establishment of a steering committee of adult education and programming a computer database in the central and regional services in order to monitor the program.

The recommendations will aim to enact a law on adult education. Currently, efforts are being stepped up to convert this program into a regular program.

Eight million dinars for social assistance

Social assistance during the Eid will be paid on October 17, at 40 dinars per family. Khalil Zaouia noted, in this context, that the payment will coincide with the payment in October of benefits under the national program for assistance to needy families. The Minister said that a budget of 8 million dinars was spent on such assistance.

In the same context, the Minister pointed out that about 50,000 additional families were included in the list of needy families during the year 2012 with a budget of 127 million dinars. As a reminder, 40,000 is the number of families receiving free health treatment cards.

Khalil Zaouia also announced the creation of a database on needy families in the coming three months.


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