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Tunisia: World Bank donates $2 million to Enda Inter-Arab

A $ 2 million grant agreement was signed between the World Bank (WB) and Enda Inter-arabe, through a trust fund of the Government of the Netherlands to support agricultural producers and rural job creation in the Governorate of Gabes.

Entitled “TRACE Tunisian Rural and Agricultural Chains of Employment”, this trust fund aims to promote job creation, especially for youth and women, in the agricultural and agribusiness sector.

The goal is to increase the efficiency and resilience of small rural producers and producer organizations and agribusiness SMEs.

TRACE aims to support rural entrepreneurship and accompany the professionalization of rural producers throughout the rural value chains, particularly downstream of production through the processing, valorization and marketing of agricultural, artisanal, agro-pastoral and forestry products.

The TRACE program is launching a second grant, of $2 million, through the Enda Inter-arabe organization to support productive activities and employment of rural producer organizations and SMEs in the Governorate of Gabes.

An initial grant of $1 million had been awarded to the Tunisian Union of Social Solidarity (UTSS) as a response to the economic downturn related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enda Inter-arabe is an international non-profit Non-Governmental Organization created in 1990.

It works to promote entrepreneurship by fostering creativity, societal responsibility and financial empowerment of marginalized populations.

Operating locally and nationally, Enda Inter-arabe acts for a more just, equitable, plural and inclusive society and this, through its actions of awareness, training, support and social and citizen mobilization.

Through the TRACE project, Enda Inter-arabe aims to create some 1,000 direct and indirect jobs in the governorate of Gabes by accompanying and providing a grant for 100 income-generating economic entities (Professional Agricultural Organizations (PAOs), SMEs and to young rural agripreneurs) by ensuring the commercial viability of the projects as well as their sustainability.


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