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Tunisia:Italian industrialists eager to build partnerships in Tunisia

As part of a dynamic which is being better outlined and whose return on investment for both parties is bearing fruit, a delegation of businessmen from the Italian city of Padua has recently paid a visit to Tunisia sponsored by ” Padova Promex “which is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Padova for foreign trade. The visit provided many partnership contacts that resulted in a significant outcome that may provide a platform for a new efficient and sustainable partnership .
Sectors where the members of the delegation are involved do interest Tunisian partners, such as environment and sustainable development and waste water management industries that are best suited to strong partnerships and above all the accelerated and balanced development of bilateral trade, as emphasized by a member of the delegation we met, Marco Delfino who is operating in the field of water treatment. Interview:
Marco Delfino is the manager of «Panta Rei” company which embodies the new European option in the design, construction, startup and maintenance of water treatment plants and industrial wastewater.
Apparently, the Tunisian market is now of interest to you. It is about marketing your products or building partnerships?
Indeed, we are fundamentally interested in the Tunisian market, and if we intend to be present, it’s because the studies we have conducted in this respect recommend that we do so. Tunisia holds an outstanding place among the countries of the Mediterranean in terms of environmental policy and achievements it has accomplished in this field which put it in a position close to that of European Union countries. Tunisia is featured as a country firmly committed to sustainable development whose major component is cleaning and industrial water management.
Of course, we are eager to market our systems and equipments, but we do it as part of a partnership involving the transfer of technology and know-how and investments required.
Is know-how you are coming up with very different from that offered by others?
Our company adheres to all international communities, works with them and remains constantly acquainted with new water treatment technologies to provide the best product and more technology to customers.
Moreover, engineers and technicians who are in charge of that task are of great experience acquired in companies in the same sector. After acquiring the necessary technical skills, they build up their own team to cope with the market and they have the freedom to choose the best strategies to meet the needs of their customers, suppliers and trading partners in a responsible manner and with the best qualities.
Our idea is part of the need to provide a professional response to customers by focusing on their real needs and our desire to ensure a sound after-sales service quality.
Product and service quality is guaranteed by close collaboration with trading partners who are world leaders in their sector.
We offer feasibility studies for the construction of complex projects, new technologies and assessment solutions, including a review process, a detailed list of materials and a list of suppliers.
What are the main features of the partnership you plan to establish with Tunisia?
The technological boom that Tunisia is experiencing in this area makes it a useful partner and even necessary to conquer all other markets, particularly in the Maghreb region, the Middle East and Africa. The skills available to Tunisia and its geographical positioning favor a dynamic partnership. It is an ideal platform mutually beneficial.
What are the segments to be involved in this partnership ?
We design and build water treatment plants for urban areas and for industrial applications. We have years of experience in urban areas, textiles, food processing, paper and tanning industries and in the conditioning of water for industrial use
We set special contracts for in situ maintenance for all types of water treatment plant. These contracts, defined according to customer needs, provide for visits, a helpline with a response time of up to 36 hours for problems checked in the stations.
What markets are you targeting?
The demand for wastewater recycling is booming in the world. The main operators in the field believe that the volume of recycled water will double from 19.4 Mm3/per day in 2005 to about 55 Mm3/per day by 2015. Demand growth should vary according to geographical zones: high (40 to 60% growth) in areas with high water stress or intensive urbanization, important in industrialized countries.


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