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Tunisie: Relocation business is taking off in Tunisia

Relocation is a new business based on “assistance and support for companies or individuals in their need to move to new countries.” Companies specializing in this activity now target expatriates relocating to Tunisia.

Since Tunisia is less than the world average in terms of relocation, Zouhair Mbarek , manager of Tunisia Relocation & Services (TRS), pledges to make greater efforts to bridge that gap particularly in the communication field.
Moreover, the goal pursued by TRS aims at promoting Tunisia as destination in this field. Interview:

What the concept of relocation means?

After studying in Japan, I was back in Tunisia and got involved in an assembly unit in electronics. The president of the company noted that it is difficult to invest in an unknown country like Tunisia. From this truth, I thought up the idea of creating a travel agency to promote the image of Tunisia.

Named Battuta Voyage, this agency focuses on distant markets, namely China, America, New Zealand, and more particularly on cultural aspects and high end.

2008 was the date of the founding of Tunisia Relocation & Services (TRS). Our mission is to provide a wide range of services to expatriates based in Tunisia. These services target both the workplace of the expatriate and his home. The first objective is to contribute to the well-being of expatriates and their families by simplifying the social and / or professional integration in their new environment, Tunisia.

Everything is designed to make life easier for every customer, from the day-to-day life (laundry, alterations, shoe repair, car wash, errands  …) to the useful (child care, tutoring, immigration paperwork, stewardship / maintenance …) through well-being (spa, sports, beauty) and personal assistance services (real estate, school enrollment, reservations for restaurants / hotels, ticketing, integration of joint assistance  …). The main goal is to reduce costs for our business customers.

What is your activity report for the last period?

The year 2009 ended with good results. The company posted a 300% growth compared to the starting year despite economic woes. Despite these circumstances, it was found that ‘ important foreign investors want to relocate to Tunisia as Air Bus.

Is there a clear strategy to root the culture of “relocation” among Tunisians?

To further promote this activity locally, a work plan has been implemented. The Information Department and that of Communications and Marketing are working hand in hand to develop products that can prove themselves while ensuring its marketing. It is useful to work performance, to give a professional image, and especially to be present in this market.

Your prospects for years to come ?

For the outlook for the coming years, we are committed to continue to develop our services, quality and diversity. This would help us to better meet new needs and requirements of expatriates and their families. My goal is to become a platform for local expertise in relocation in Tunisia

It should be noted that Tunisia Relocation & Services (TRS) is now a member of Employee Relocation Council (ERC), an American organization whose purpose is professional assistance, supervision and management.


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