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Issa Marouani: Tourism back on track in Tabarka

Domestic tourism has always been a real safety valve for professionals in the sector during the various crises underwent by Tunisia, and has constituted an important lever of resilience that has saved thousands of jobs and enabled hotel units to survive to this day.

In an exclusive interview with AfricanManager, Issa Marouani, regional delegate for tourism in Tabarka, said that the government is working hard to develop domestic tourism not only in the Jendouba governorate, but in all regions.

He affirmed that during the months of January and February 2024, the tourist region of Tabarka welcomed around 39 thousand tourists who flocked to the various hotel units.


Are tourism indicators in Tabarka positive this season?

Tourism indicators will see a significant improvement and recovery in the coming period, as most of the bookings have been made for the post-Ramadan period.

Overall, the tourism sector in Jendouba Governorate recorded positive results last year, with indicators showing a 26% increase in the number of arrivals compared to 2022.

In fact, more than 300,000 arrivals were recorded in the various tourist hotel units, representing an increase of 21% compared to the reference year of 2019.

These results are linked to the region’s main tourist assets, namely its diverse historical, archaeological and ecological sites, as well as the availability of seaside resorts and international sports centers designed to international standards (…).

What new projects are planned for the Tabarka tourist zone?

At the moment, we have started to rehabilitate and equip three hotel units in the region that have been closed for years, and this work is still ongoing.

For example, work on the “La Forêt Ain Draham” hotel, with a capacity of 132 beds and a total construction cost estimated at over 6 million dinars, has progressed by 30% and will reopen its doors in the summer of 2024.

At the same time, the El Fernane Hotel is still undergoing renovation work at a cost of 14 million dinars and is scheduled to reopen in 2025.

The Yadis Morjane hotel will soon reopen with a capacity of 1,400 guests (…) Several other projects are also being launched to revitalize tourism in the Jendouba governorate, which will create a large number of jobs for the region’s inhabitants.

What is the nationality of the tourists who have visited the Tabarka area?

The Tabarka-Ain Draham tourist zone has seen a large number of tourists of different nationalities. On the other hand, more than 5,000 Algerians visited the region, mainly in January and February 2024, which represents an increase of 20% compared to the same period in 2023.

We are well aware that Algerian tourists are highly valued in Tunisia because of their spending habits, unlike other visitors, especially Europeans.

The fact that Algerians and Tunisians share the same language, history and traditions is a major factor in their choice of Tunisia, which also offers a diversified tourist product that meets their expectations.

There is no doubt that the tourism sector in the Jendouba governorate depends mainly on domestic tourism and the influx of our Algerian and Libyan brothers.

Is it really important to promote local tourism?

Domestic tourism is considered a strategic option as part of the state’s efforts to promote the tourism sector and improve its competitiveness. In recent years, this type of tourism has accounted for between 20% and 30% of all overnight stays.

It contributes continuously to increasing tourist flows throughout the year, extending the tourist season and improving the sector’s performance.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism has launched private promotional campaigns aimed at Tunisian tourists via social media to encourage them to spend their holidays in Tunisian hotels.


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