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Coronavirus is hitting private sector hard… Employees in precarious situation

The general lockdown imposed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the economic crisis already being experienced by the


This health crisis has also exposed social inequalities in the country and the suffering of employees in the private sector and low-income people.

Some were lucky enough to work remotely and others were left at home to do nothing, while others were laid off and lost their jobs as many companies disappeared due to cash flow problems.

And there are many others whose operations have been suspended against their will by government order.

In precarious and desperate need and without any compensation, many

Tunisians live this injustice with bitterness

Just like other sectors, private companies have been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. Some have tried to survive and have chosen to maintain their activities and continuity of services.

However, others have closed their doors. This is confirmed by the National Digital Union (UTICA), which interviewed companies in the digital sector (SMEs, VSEs, large companies, start-ups).

In fact, 83% of companies have seen a drop in their turnover, of which at least 30% would be affected to more than 50% of their turnover.

There would also be about 29% of the companies that would be impacted between 10 and 30% of their turnover.

Thus, 63% have cash flow problems. As a result, recruitment has in turn been impacted by the Coronavirus, hence several companies have been forced to rethink their future recruitment according to the evolution of their cash flow.

Consequently, 54% will stop recruiting and 18% will reduce recruitment. And only 16% will continue recruiting. However, 38% of companies are opting to reduce their workforce.

The government must react

Because of this wave of layoffs that took place in the private sector, the Tunisian General Confederation of Labor deplored, Thursday, May 14, 2020, the deterioration of social conditions in the private sector.

Many workers have not received their wages during this period of pandemic,” it denounced.

The CGTT also criticized the government’s failure to respect its obligations towards workers.

Taxi drivers and temporary workers have not benefited from the exceptional subsidy of 200 dinars decided for the benefit of employees of companies in economic difficulty.

The government is called upon to allocate a fund to support workers who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus health crisis,” the CGTT stressed.

Social aid for the benefit of employees of 3577 companies

3577 companies employing around 146 thousand workers will benefit from the exceptional social aid mobilized by the government to support businesses in overcoming the impact of the health crisis.

In a statement to the TAP, the president of the general committee of labor inspection, Hayet Ben Ismail, said the payment of this aid worth 200 dinars for each employee has already started and companies will pay the rest of the remuneration.

”The validated files are transferred in a second stage to the National Directorate of Social Security.

The National Social Security Fund will be responsible for the payment of this aid which is part of a package of 300 million dinars,” she explained.

It should be noted that 12,000 companies have applied for this aid. The May 15, 2020 is the deadline for access to the application dedicated by the Ministry of Social Affairs to this procedure, she said.


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