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Covid-19 patient, cured thanks to artificial lung technique

A patient suffering from COVID-19 was able to overcome the disease thanks to the artificial lung technique, her attending physician specialising in resuscitation and anaesthesia, Nourredine Ben M’barek told TAP Saturday.

Admitted in a critical condition and hospitalised for more than a month in a private clinic, the 67-year-old patient suffering from hypertension, has fully recovered, he said.

He added the technique is being used for the first time in Tunisia for coronavirus patients who do not respond positively to artificial respiration.

It has proved to be effective and we should not hesitate to use it, especially since 41% of patients with this epidemic in the world have been saved thanks to the artificial lung, he said.

Ben M’barek had indicated in a previous statement to TAP that doctors from the Rabta and the Taoufik Clinic managed to save the life of a patient with COVID -19 using the artificial lung technique.

He explained that the use of this technique is recommended when the patient does not respond to artificial respiration.


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