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I Watch denies Ennahdha’s version of Lobbying contracts

The organisation I Watch, on Monday, denied Ennahdha movement’s version according to which it had not sealed any lobbying contract, «either officially or by proxy,» calling on the judiciary to assume its «historical» responsibilities.

In a statement, the organisation said it has transferred to the relevant judicial authorities, the lobbying contracts concluded separately by Ennahdha, Qalb Tounes and the organisation “3ich Tounsi. “

I Watch said it was surprised to see the movement Ennahdha mislead public opinion especially since these contracts are published on the official website of the Department of Justice of the United States. These contracts have been consulted by the organisation and the Court of Auditors, reads the same statement.

“Ennahdha’s lobbying contracts concluded between 2014 and 2021 are estimated at $ 778,259.05. This is a “suspicious” foreign funding of “unknown source,” said the organisation.

Earlier in the day, the Ennahdha movement denounced the “smear campaigns” to which it is subjected, denying all accusations against the party, including terrorism, foreign funding and interference in the judicial system.

The movement has blasted at a press conference the “willingness of some political parties to oust it, relying on state apparatuses and trying to subdue and intimidate the judiciary.»

Regarding the foreign funding accusations against the movement in its 2019 election campaign, Ennahdha said this case is in the hands of the Court of Auditors.

On the lobbying contract, Ennahdha said it has not concluded any agreement, “neither in an official capacity, nor by proxy.”


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