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Japan grants 630 million Yen grant to Gambia

Japan has granted 630 mill ion Yen (about US$ 7 million) grant to Gambia to finance a fishing development project in Brikama, some 30 kil o metres south-west of Banjul city, authorities revealed Wednesday in a press stat e ment received here by PANA.

Senegal-based Japanese Ambassador Mr. Takashi Saito, who presented the grant to his Gambian counterpart, said the aim of the project was to boost “the sale of f r esh and quality fish in a healthy environment by improving conditions of fish re t ail markets in Brikama and its neighbouring areas.

“The sustainable development and management of this important sector offers pros pects for social and economic development, not only for the concerned regions, b u t also throughout the land,” Saito said.

“Like in Japan, fish is an important protein resource for the people of the Gamb ia and is essential for the improvement of nutritional standards of the populati o n.

“Furthermore, the sector gives excellent opportunities for the creation of emplo yment for many Gambians,” the Japanese diplomat added.


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