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Ministries of Trade and Industry say no to Ferid Abbes

News reporting an attempt of Ferid Abbes, the current Volvo dealer, to take over RVI from EVI Company, was confirmed last week by the concerned side, EVI, belonging to the Ennakl group.

We wanted to know more from the latter and we talked with the Director General Brahim Debbech who confirmed from the outset that the Ministries of Trade and Industry did not agree. Interview

News circulated that Ferid Abbes would take over Renault Trucks which is an industrial company of Ennakl Group. Is that really so?

Indeed, we have had the opportunity to learn -and we ourselves were surprised- that steps have been taken from that businessman in order to represent the brand Renault Trucks in Tunisia. These efforts have been made by the businessman with officials of the brand. Indeed, meetings were held with some ministries including the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry.

We were eager to check this information that has been reported. We immediately sent an official letter to our partner whom we represent in Tunisia since the creation of Ennakl, that is to say, since 1965. In this letter, we asked for clarification on this information reported to us. The Ministry of Commerce, which we also approached, acknowledges having received representatives from Renault Trucks who were interested to know what would be the future of the company.

What was their position on this request to change partners for the brand?

The Ministry of Commerce and indeed all supervisory authorities are clear about this. Today, none of the companies that have been confiscated and that belonged to members of the former ruling family, no company is now for sale or transfer.

Today, these companies were subject to confiscation and are put into administration. And in terms of Ennakl industrial vehicles, today, the judicial administration of this company is ensured by Riadh Mahbouli with whom we have been working since his appointment last February.

But can Renault Trucks be retaken despite the disagreement of the department?

Certainly there exists in the specification that governs the import of rolling stock the clause of non-exclusiveness which means that any international brand can, if necessary, apply to have one or more official representatives of its brand. We have the example of Iveco in Tunisia which is represented by three importers. However, regarding Ennakl Company or Ennakl Industrial Vehicles and concerning the importation of Renault Trucks, according to the authorities, there is no question today to change anything pending defining rules under which will be established the management of all or part of its activities or its brand in a future not yet determined. What is important to note is that this partnership between Ennakl and Renault Trucks is a historic partnership that has existed for over 45 years and it is quite awkward from this brand to destabilize today its historical partner which has managed today despite the financial difficulties to meet all its financial and social commitments vis-à-vis its employees and especially vis-à-vis its partners, both sub-dealers representing the brand in Tunisia and all retailers that sell original spare parts on behalf of this brand in Tunisia.

In this respect also, the international vice-president of Renault Trucks pledged to send us in the next few days a letter putting things rights so that this rumor be immediately buried and so that Ennakl Industrial Vehicles can continue the work it has always done, namely to develop the representation of the brand in Tunisia from the time it was called Berliet, on the one hand and achieve the objectives set by the brand and this annually, on the other one.

In this regard, I want to tell you that we are leaders in the market of trucks since 2007 and that again this year to late June 2011, we remain a market leader, since we sold by the of June over 210 units this year, which is an exceptional performance given the economic environment and the current economic difficulties.

Which market share?

A market share that exceeds 20%, almost 21%.

And a turnover of …

We achieved a turnover of more than 25 million dinars at the end of June 2011.

Is it increasing?

In 2010, in twelve months, we achieved a turnover of 80 million dinars. So we are well within our goals over the year 2011, despite economic difficulties, we maintain a certain level of activity either in terms of business or activity after sales and sale of spare parts.

You are the first …

We are co-leaders, because in the light-truck market, Iveco is the leader, since they are assembling Iveco vehicles in ICAR in Sousse. We are market leaders in heavy vehicles.


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