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Observatory for Defence of Civilian Nature of State calls for combatting terrorism

The Observatory for Defence of Civilian Nature of State (French: ONDCCE) called for «combatting terrorism as soon as possible by increasing control over returnees from hot spots and prosecuting those responsible for sending them to these areas and their supervision.»

«It is necessary to close down all takfiri establishments that spread obscurantist ideology in the country, in full view of the government, especially the office of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Tunis, labelled a terrorist organisation in several countries,» the ONDCCE added.

In a statement published Saturday, the Observatory stressed the imperative to «shut down these so-called charitable organisations, as well as the anarchic and uncontrolled Quranic schools, which spread principles contrary to Tunisian civil laws.»

All educational establishments should be subject to the supervision of the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Women, Children, Family and Elderly Affairs, so as to guarantee the application of the official curricula, elaborated by specialists.

According to the Observatory, the attempted stabbing of police officers on Friday by a terrorist with an «S17» file is further evidence that terrorism is well entrenched in the country.

On Friday afternoon, a police officer was attacked by an individual near the headquarters of the Interior Ministry, on Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, which forced the officer to shoot him in the leg to neutralise him, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Wounded, the 31-year-old attacker was subdued before being taken to hospital by the civil protection services.

The individual in question is a takfiri who was studying abroad, the ministry mentioned.


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