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STMicroelectronics willing to strengthen activities in Tunisia

STMicroelectronics, one of the world leaders in semiconductors industry, is willing to reinforce its activity in Tunisia through the recruitment of more Tunisian engineers in El-Ghazela Techno-park’s Research and Development Centre, STMicroelectronics Tunisia Director Hichem Benhamida told TAP news agency.

During a ceremony held Wednesday in Tunis, on the celebration of STMicroelectronics-Tunisia’s 10th anniversary, he said that “Tunisia’s economic situation in 2012 will determine the group’s recruitment strategy,” adding that “if things go well, the group will reinforce its staff on the Tunisia site; otherwise, it will keep the current number of engineers.”

STMicroelectronics-Tunisia, operating since December 2001, is a research and development centre in microelectronics which is a subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, the sole world manufacturer of semiconductors to have established such a centre in Tunisia, employing 230 Tunisian engineers, compared with only 9 in 2001.


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