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Tunisia: ‘’companies must be attentive to international trends’’

Nerjess Rezgui, director of communication and information at the National Institute for Standardization and Intellectual Property (INNORPI) said Tunisian companies must be attentive to international trends in order to address all the challenges faced. This will go through embracing all steps based on new ways of integrity.


How do you assess the situation of Tunisian companies, 4 years after the revolution?

Tunisian companies were confronted with a phenomenon of lack of transparency, lack of integrity.

Indeed, the old regime has cornered dramatically the wealth of the state and diverted regulations. This has led to losses in the turnover of these companies which have found themselves affected in their management and in their production capacity.

And what about INNORPI?

We have established standards. We may cite in particular the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility. This standard would allow companies to capture new values and new management methods. In addition, it is based on quality, but also on integrity modes to help companies better produce.

Is it possible to establish governance in a sluggish economy?

Indeed, corruption is a very complicated phenomenon, especially as it has reached alarming levels in Tunisia, according to the statistical studies developed by specialized organizations.

This is an alarming stage, but that’s normal since there must be strong and well established institutions and mechanisms and tools that can help companies to combat corruption and prevent it. For, it is not enough to have a regulatory framework, but it is equally important to establish standards and benchmarks.

That is why INNORPI has always accompanied businesses through standards and certifications to have quality services. Today INNORPI is at the heart of this process whether at national or international levels.

Moreover, we have adopted the ISO 26000 standard, knowing that we set up a 2011-2014 pilot project for public and private companies. We have already helped to promote this culture of integrity. Add to this the establishment of a national governance framework. This is a certification assessment tool for companies to improve their management.

What role could be played by companies?

Companies must be attentive to international trends. This is important because the stakes are high and they need to be anticipated.

Companies must prepare for them by joining all efforts in terms of regulation, but also, new standards to meet this challenge.


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