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Tunisia: Attijari bank announces net profit of 132 million dinars in 2020

Attijari bank has just published its financial statements for the year 2020. These statements show a net profit of around 131.7 million dinars, compared to 174.2 million a year earlier, a drop of 24%.

Banking operating income fell from 828.5 million dinars in 2019 to 810.9 million as of December 31, 2020, posting a decrease of 17.6 million dinars, a regression of 2%.

These banking operating revenues are composed of interest and similar income for 583.7 million dinars, commissions for 110.3 million dinars (-9%), gains on commercial securities portfolio for 62.3 million dinars (-3%) and investment portfolio income for 54.6 million dinars (-5%).

As for the expenses of banking operations, they rose to 322.9 million dinars, recording a decrease of 21.4 million dinars, down 6%. Consequently, the net banking product (NBP) shows a slight increase of 1% to 488 million dinars.

However, the bank has seen its allocations to provisions soar by 66% to 31.1 million dinars, against 18.7 million a year earlier. Indeed, the bank has constituted under the year 2020 provisions of a general nature called “collective provisions” on current commitments (class 0) and those requiring special monitoring (class1).

The application of the various rules has resulted in a collective provision amount of 45.4 million dinars.

Taking into account the collective provision of 22.8 million dinars made in 2019, a net additional provision of 22 .6 million dinars has been provided for the year 2020.

At the same time, a net additional provision of 22.6 million dinars has been provided for the year 2020.

In addition, personnel costs amounted to 153.7 million dinars, compared to 140.7 million dinars as of December 31, 2019, recording an increase of 13 million dinars, an increase of 9%.

The statement of income shows a loss from extraordinary items for 25.4 million dinars. This item records the 2% increase in the social solidarity contribution required in a cyclical manner by the Finance Act for the year 2020 on the profits 2019,2020 and 2021 for 4.6 million dinars, the cyclical fee for 9 million dinars and the donation of 11.7 million dinars made to the National Fund 18-18.


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