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Tunisia: inflation rate increases by 5.6% (INS)

The rate of inflation in Tunisia increased by 5.6% in July 2012. This increase is due mainly to the rise in prices of the “power and drink “group to 7.5% against 7.2% in June 2012, due to the advent of Ramadan.

According to statistics released by the INS, the inflation rate excluding food and beverages rose 4.6%.

For its part, the consumer price index for the month of July 2012, recorded an increase of 0.6% compared to June 2012.

This increase is due to the rise in prices of the “Food and beverages” group (+1.2%) resulting from noticeable increase in the price of poultry (7%) and sheep meat (+4%) and beef (1.7%).

Similarly, the group “furniture and household equipment and articles” increased by 0.8%, mainly the rising cost of housing maintenance services (1.3%), household goods (+1.2%), tapestries (+ 0.4%) and linen (+0.3%).

Regarding the group ‘textile and clothing, “it rose by 0.6%, which is explained by the increase in the prices of summer clothing (0.5%), footwear (+0.8%) and accessories (+1.1%).

The index of the “restaurants and hotels” group has also increased by 0.6%, the “recreation and culture” was up 0.6% while audio-visual equipment increased by 1.1%.


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