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Tunisia: Medical and aesthetic tourism gaining ground ….and weight

In many countries, obesity is regarded and treated as a public health problem. While in Tunisia, this is not the case; approaches are being developed to immunize against overweight whose management requires, in many respects, the services of a specialist.

Specialized centers, which are part of the system, continue to  gain ground, as evidenced by the number of certified specialists in physiotherapy who are launching  projects, advocating professionalism and highlight ting the medical  scope of services provided  Other s ,  having rather aesthetic training, provide, in addition, skin care , hair styling, hands and feet care , reducing treatment , and this through specific  massage .

In this context, reducing treatment centers are popular among women and men as well. They provide slimming treatments and customized body care (removal of wrinkles, cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks  …).

Some centers are well equipped and provide care by electro stimulation, Electrolipolysis, Laser…. Cosmetics and hygiene products complete some treatments and some care. Jeday Anis,  physician  Director of the”Vitalia” reducing treatment center , a space  set up since 2007, equipped with modern facilities compliant with international standards, shed  new light on the sector. Interview:

What does reducing treatment stand for?

The reducing treatment require usually first  a medical examination, and some centers even hold psychological talks conducted by professionals in order to  help understand and overcome eating disorders . Reducing treatment is the top of the cures for its efficiency, its seriousness and reducing treatment management.

Where your clients come from?

Therapy clients are foreigners (French, Libyans, and Algerians) that are resident in Tunisia, and who focus compliance with international standards and use of very modern equipment.
Tourism  business has clearly evolved for tourists who come in Tunisia; their vacations today are not just travel for the sake of discovery, but also it’s a combination of relaxation, health and beauty provided by reducing treatment and aesthetics centers, , since prices are  cheaper  compared to those of Europe. Also new treatments and programs are created more and more to ensure that one or two weeks of vacation may restore clients’ balance, health and physical condition.

Are Tunisians involved in this kind of treatment?

Yes, I have therapy clients from Tunisia, women of different ages who come seek their welfare, they are obsessed with reducing treatment, but they are satisfied with the treatment outcome.
In fact, our goal is to win more spa visitors, whether foreign or Tunisia in the coming years. The number of spa visitors is increasing throughout the year.

What are your plans for the years to come?

The center was founded in 2007, each year, we try to improve our services to attract more non-spa guests not only nationally but also globally. Our main objective is to create several centers in different regions. We also plan to launch a website for better access to our services.

Nadia Ben Tamansourt


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