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Tunisia: OACA launches new multi-purpose online portal for travelers & professionals

The Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA) announced on Thursday the launch of a new portal comprising 7 related sites for its airports, providing access to flight schedules and travel procedures, as well as information on the specific features of each airport and interactive maps.

In a press release, the OACA pointed out that this new portal, available on its website www.oaca.nat.tn, also includes a main page to publicize the agency’s projects and three other specialized pages on navigation, air safety and civil aviation.

The portal also offers a number of new services, including electronic payment for the collection of fees by professionals, reservation and advance payment for parking at Tunis-Carthage airport in the first phase, as well as improvements to existing services, including calls for tender and their results, and access to information.

This interactive portal, which complies with the required standards and specifications, is a source of accurate information using the latest technologies and mechanisms, making the dissemination of information more efficient and flexible.

The total number of passengers registered at Tunisian airports has increased by 21.9% since the creation of the OACA to reach an unprecedented level, i.e. about 8 million 813 thousand in 2023 compared to 2022, according to statistics it published in January 2024.


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