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Tunisia: outstanding public debt close to TND 110 billion at end of August

Tunisia’s outstanding public debt increased at the end of August 2022 by 2.9 billion dinars to 109.6 billion dinars, i.e. 76% of GDP, compared to 106.7 billion and 74% respectively on June 30, 2022 and 104.3 billion and 80.1% on December 31, 2021.

The outstanding public debt is divided between 43.2 billion dinars (39.4%) of local debt and 66.5 billion dinars (46.1%) of foreign debt.

The increase in outstanding public debt is due to an increase in outstanding local public debt by 2.5 billion dinars and a net increase of 0.4 billion dinars in outstanding foreign debt (due to the foreign exchange effect).

The flow of external borrowing in July and August 2022 amounted to 766.4 million dinars, of which 138.1 million dinars came from budgeted drawings (IBRD: 106.3 million dinars and AFD: 31.8 million dinars), external borrowing allocated to State projects: 453.6 million dinars and external loans retroceded to public enterprises: 174.7 million dinars

Expressed in dollars, the outstanding external debt recorded, on the contrary, a decrease of 0.5 billion dollars to 20.7 billion dollars on August 31, 2022 against 21.2 billion dollars on June 30, 2022. Repayments exceeded new external fundraising.

Between June and August 2022, the dollar and the Japanese yen appreciated against the dinar by 2.97% and 1.32% respectively. At the same time, the euro depreciated against the dinar by 1.19%.


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