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Tunisia: State spends 2 billion dinars in subsidy In July and August

The state’s operating expenses (before interest on the public debt) grew by 13% to 24 billion dinars, a rate of achievement of 56% of the annual target, according to the results of the execution of the state budget at the end of August.

The increase in operating expenses reflects, on the one hand, the decrease in investment expenses by 6% to 2.25 billion dinars. It also reveals the increase in civil service salaries by 5% to 14 billion dinars, management expenses by 4% to 831 million dinars, interventions and transfers other than subsidy by 10% to 2.8 billion dinars and subsidy expenses by 107% to 4.2 billion dinars.

Regarding subsidy expenditures, they are divided between 1.6 billion dinars for commodities (44% of the 2022 budget), 2 billion dinars for fuels (72% of the 2022 budget) and 444 million dinars for public transport (74%).

Compared to the implementation of the budget in June 2022, the state has spent an additional 2 billion dinars in subsidy, over the months of July and August, including 1.2 billion dinars for food commodities and 660 million dinars for fuel.


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