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Tunisia: SAH Group more than doubles its profits in 2022

In an exceptional global context where raw material prices (paper pulp and super absorbent in particular) continue to rise, the SAH Group is staying the course and achieving a remarkable performance in 2022.

At 31 December 2022, the SAH Group’s revenues reached 880 million dinars, up 30% on 2021.

Operating expenses rose from 622 million dinars to 799 million dinars, an increase of 28%, explained by the rise in raw material prices.

As a result, operating profit was 81.6 million dinars, compared with 51 million dinars a year earlier, an improvement of 60%.

Financial expenses fell by 5% to 37.4 million dinars.

All in all, the Group’s share of net profit rose by a remarkable 117% to 35.3 million dinars at the end of 2022, compared with 16.2 million dinars at 31/12/2021.


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