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Tunisia: the road to economic recovery, according to President of UTICA

Wided Bouchamaoui, President of the Tunisian Union of Industry Trade and Handicraft said at a round table organized at the headquarters of UTICA on the topic “Situation and Prospects of Businesses after the Revolution “that establishment of the climate of security and social peace is a major challenge to revive the national economy.

She said that the sit-ins and strikes staged since the events of January 14 are the cause of the difficulties encountered by several domestic and foreign companies, operating in Tunisia. Interview:

What is the purpose of this meeting?

It is to emphasize new mechanisms for businesses after the Revolution. The unstable economic and social situation prevailing in the country, economic indicators are worrying without exception: negative growth (-3 pc), increasing unemployment (700,000 unemployed), decline in local and foreign investment, soaring inflation, declining currency reserves, tourism in chaos …

What are the concerns of businesses during this transitional phase?

Strikes and sit-ins are the cause of the difficulties encountered by several national and foreign companies operating in Tunisia. Security allows companies to resume normal activity and contribute to boosting investment and creating new jobs.

Our concern is to preserve existing job positions so that the unemployment rate would not increase.

Faced with this situation, we must urgently treat problems related to parallel trade, which poses a risk to the security and survival of businesses.

It is important to restructure small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and implement tax and financial system reform.

What is the impact of parallel trade on the country’s economy?

The phenomenon of parallel trade is very dangerous in many areas. It has created a negative impact on local industry, investment and job creation.

We have launched an urgent call for the different customs services to conduct continuous monitoring to end this phenomenon considered harmful to several sectors.

Authorities must work towards putting an end to parallel trade, a strict application of the regulation and strict control in borders and even at stalls.

UTICA is ready to provide solutions and assist and encourage operators in the sector to integrate progressively into the official and organized sector.

What do you think of the last statement of the Department of Justice?

This statement undermines the image of business leaders and only stirs up the public opinion against businessmen who continue to deploy leading efforts to serve the public interest.


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