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Tunisia-Tourism: revenues exceed 2 Billion TD

We have learnt that tourism revenues, proven and ascertained by the Central Bank of Tunisia, on September 20, 2017, stood at 2.006 billion DT.

These revenues in Tunisian dinar grew 20.3% compared with the financial year 2016. Converted to euros, revenues reached 762 million, also up 6.8% from 2016. They are also up 5.4% if converted into dollar.

These revenues have increased by 8% over the last 3 decades of 2017 compared to the same period in 2010.

They resulted from general total of arrivals of 5,147,863 tourists. A figure up 23.8% compared to that of 2016.

Within that number, there were 1,308,502 Europeans whose arrivals increased by 15.6%.

On the Maghreb side, they were 2,718,797 to visit Tunisia, up 46.1%.

The overall arrivals also included 1,057,985 Tunisian residents abroad whose number went up by 7.4% and 11,734 Chinese, up 236.5%.


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