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Tunisia: traffic down 50% at Port of Gabes

Freight traffic at the port of Gabes fell 50% from 4,772.859 tons in 2010 to 2,354.734 tons in 2011.

According to the annual report of the Office of the Merchant Navy in 2011, this decrease is mainly due to lower imports of fuels (59%), cereals (41%), reduced exports of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) by 68% phosphoric acid (75%) and natural phosphate fertilizer by 42%.

However, exports of propane rose 80% compared to the previous year, reaching 39,951 tons

The number of containers loaded or unloaded in the port of Gabes was 178,373 against 241,193 in 2010, down 26%.

The number of vessels that have landed on this port reached 359 in 2011, equivalent to 2,226.310 tons, which corresponds to a decrease of 45% compared to 2010, i.e. 657 ships

The port of Gabes, whose activity is mainly industrial, ensures essentially transit of chemicals for plants set up near the industrial zone of Gabes.


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