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Tunisia: TUNINDEX sees 1.2% drop at end October

Tunisia’s Stock Exchange benchmark index “TUNINDEX,” closed at 8.222.50 points by the end of October 2022, posting a 1.20% drop against a 2.66% rise in September 2022, reads the monthly analysis of the Tunis Stock Exchange.

The cumulative gains have reached 16.70% since the beginning of the year, against 2.27% during the same period in 2021.

The trading volume of the Stock Exchange fell by 8.8% to TND 271.9 million, compared to last month.

The daily trading volume stood at TND 12.9 million, against TND 13.6 million in September and at TND 6.4 million during 2022.

Tunindex20 followed suit with a 1.31% drop, after posting a 3.36% rise in September, closing at 3.661.08 points.

Tunindex20 has edged up 20.35% since the beginning of 2022, against 2.85% during the same period last year.


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