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Tunisia: ‘Wages will be paid without delay’

Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance, Hakim Hammouda, on Tuesday have the assurance that salaries of civil servants would be paid without delay despite the difficult economic situation in the country.

He said that the government would not adopt a policy of austerity, even if there was a need to take steps to better manage consumption during the coming period while mobilizing the country’s own resources and seeking additional resources from the outside.

According to him, the government would also adopt a complementary financial law to solve the deteriorating economic situation.

Mr. Hammouda said that the government had prepared a programme of economic recovery under a new finance law with emphasis on investment, fiscal balances and protection of social groups, adding “this program is being finalised.”

The Prime Minister, Mehdi Jomaa, announced recently that the government had taken a loan of 350 million Tunisian dinars to pay salaries of civil servants and employees in the public sector.


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