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Tunisia: Youth invited to “dare invent”

The Business Leaders Arab Institute (IACE) provides innovative solutions to urgent problems of the society. It identifies innovative approaches to solve problems that appeared often insoluble. In this context, IACE organizes for the first time in Tunisia, from November 7 to 14, 2010, Golden Entrepreneurship Week on the subject of «Tunisia Entrepreneurship»

Abdelaziz Darghouth, director of IACE Youth Business Centre highlights this event due to take place for the first time in Tunisia. Interview:

What does the concept of Global Entrepreneurship Week stand for?

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative that aims to incur entrepreneurial dynamics through the five continents. The concept was born in 2008 following the merger of two initiatives, the British “Mark your Mark» campaign and” Entrepreneurship Week USA» respectively by «UK Enterprise” and the American Foundation Kaufmann.
Moreover, the GEW was sponsored by several agencies and firms such as ‘The Prince’s Youth Business International, Ernst & Young and IBM.

It should be noted here that the GEW involves all organizations and institutions of all countries and aims at encouraging the young in particular, to undertake and innovate in all areas, business, culture, sports…

What is the purpose of GEW?

The ultimate goal is to help young entrepreneurs try to do first step in order to transform their ideas into reality.
Furthermore, this event represents an opportunity to create an exchange with opinion leaders and decision makers on entrepreneurship spirit and develop recommendations for entrepreneurship and innovation incentives, which are key to the development of businesses and job creation.

What is the target population of this event?

 The event first targets young people to encourage them to dare invent and be creative in order to favor the birth of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Second, we target entrepreneurs Leaders, managers, Government officials and decision makers so that they share experiences and help youth gain knowledge, skills, experience and networks necessary to their emergence as future entrepreneurs.

What are the general conditions for participating in this event?

To apply, projects must match the thinking and the vision of the Centre of young entrepreneurs and also meet number of criteria, including remarkable individual or collective performance in many fields: sport, culture, social or economy, contributing to the advent the knowledge society, by integrating ICT, valuing patents and / or research and contribution to regional integration and / or promoting exchanges, transfers of technologies and / or investment…

It should be remembered that the selection criteria is based on the originality of initiative, maturity of thought, the degree of innovation and its impact on society. The programs presented should also be available to the press and GEW representatives.


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