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‘War hindering human development in DR Congo’

 A report published by the UNDP office in DR Congo has identified the lack of peace and security for over a decade as obstacles hindering sustainable human development in the country.

The 2008 national report on human development, released Wednesday in Kinshasa, with the theme “restoration of peace and reconstruction”, said development record in DR Congo is characterised by the continuous drop in incomes, the degradation of the vital sectors of life, including health and education, the resurgence of poverty and the lowering of life expectancy.

It identified the restoration of peace and security, justice and national reconciliation as some of the conditions necessary for sustainable human development in Congo.

UNDP Country Director Adrama Guindo described the national human development report as vital to efforts to restore sustainable human development in the country.

“Peace, stability are the conditions for human development as there is no development without peace,” he said.

The national report on human development is the second after the one published in 2000 on governance for human development in DR Congo.


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