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Flu vaccines to be available in private pharmacies as of next week

Flu vaccines will be available in private pharmacies as of next week, president of the National Council of Pharmacists Ali Bsila said on Wednesday.

The Health Ministry will provide two batches of vaccines: the first includes 140,000 doses and the second 100,000 doses, he told TAP.

«We do not expect a large influx on the seasonal flu vaccine because of its high price (about 54 dinars) and the delay in the supply of vaccine doses,» he added, pointing out that the priority of vaccination will be given to the seniors and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

The price of the vaccine has doubled compared to the previous year, due to the effectiveness of the vaccine available against the four different variants of seasonal flu, referring to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation of the need to receive this vaccine, which provides maximum protection against seasonal flu.

The Health Ministry had announced in a statement that the first batch of the 2021-2022 seasonal flu vaccinet will be distributed by the central pharmacy

to wholesalers from November 25.

It is possible to get seasonal flu and COVID-19 jabs at the same time, the Ministry noted, saying that frail people will be given priority for seasonal flu vaccination.

The second batch of vaccines will be available and distributed starting December 1, according to the Ministry.

The distribution of vaccines will be carried out according to a schedule set up in coordination with health structures, the National Order of Pharmacists, the Tunisian Union of Private Pharmacy Owners and the National Chamber of Pharmacists of wholesale drug distributors.


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