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Minister tries to sink Tunisair

The “disastrous” situation faced by Tunisair requires a “bold” decision, State Minister of Transport and Logistics Mohamed Anouar Maarouf said Thursday.

“We are aware of the catastrophic situation of the company. It requires deep reforms, sacrifices and bold decisions,” he said during a debate at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

It is also time to put in place “a long-term plan to modernise the company,” the minister said, without forgetting the fight against corruption, which is very widespread, according to him.

A meeting is planned Friday, April 24 to discuss an “urgent plan” to improve the situation of the company, the minister said.

Maarouf also called for the introduction of new services in Tunisair, including that of air handling, which could make up for the decline in passenger transport activity.

The Minister also spoke of the deterioration of Tunisair’s aircraft fleet, calling for the development of a short-, medium- and long-term management plan.

He said the situation of civil aviation will be difficult especially as the resumption of aviation activity would be expected from 2021 or even during the summer season 2022, “hence the urgency to save the national carrier.»

The minister also criticised the management of funds within the company, pointing to misplaced spending.


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