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Tunisia: 65% of companies need at least 3 months of activity to return to normal

65% of Tunisian companies need at least 3 months of activity to return to their normal operating cycle, after the coronavirus pandemic, read the results of a survey on “the Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Tunisian businesses,” published on Thursday.

According to this survey, 52% of companies resumed their activity in June. 73% will resume their activity before the end of July, while 11% will not resume their activity until October 2020.

“Both the recovery and the return to normal depend on  self-financing capacity, the companies’ liquidity, new orders and the need for financing.”

According to this survey, 54% of companies operating in the construction and real estate sector and 46% in the trade and distribution noted that their turnover dropped by more than 50%, due to the pandemic.

The same thing was felt regarding 40% of agrifood and manufacturing industry companies. 

Furthermore, the survey revealed that around 11% of companies are highly dependent on export activity and more than half have an activity which is highly dependent on imported products, “which can be blocking or even very blocking.”

The survey, conducted by the Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (French: APTBEF) and Tunisia JOBS was launched in the period between May and June 2020.

It was based on the answers of nearly 3,000 companies, operating in the various sectors, through the network of bank branches and leasing companies.

The survey results could be used to provide more effective answers to the Tunisian companies’ financing needs, by optimizing the allocation of resources and capital of banks and financial institutions.


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