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Tunisia: CETIME gets a makeover!

The Technical Centre for Mechanical and Electrical Industries (CETIME) aims at supporting and supervising industrial companies, most of which are exporters.

CETIME works to adapt to the new industrial orientations both on the external market and on a local scale.

This is one of the missions Amel Ben Farhat, general manager of the centre, has been working on since she took office at the head of CETIME a year ago. She speaks out in the following interview:

1. What are the main missions and activities of the technical centre for the mechanical and electrical industries?

CETIME is the technical partner of industrial companies in general and of companies in the mechanical, electrical and electronic sector in particular. It supports industrial companies to which it offers expertise and consultancy services, support services, training services, analysis and testing services and sector-based and strategic study missions. CETIME also offers a business and sector watch service to companies.

2. Cetime is taking part these days in the first edition of the Elek Ener 2020 exhibition. What is the expected objective through this participation?

In view of its role as a partner, CETIME must be present at the ELEK ENER exhibition. It is an opportunity to get in touch with new customers, a favorable context to present its new service offers and its new technological means. It also contributes to the animation of the show by lecturing on up- to- date themes, very useful for visitors and companies exhibiting at the show.

3. Have you launched new approaches and initiatives to strengthen the centre’s role in the electrical and mechanical fabric, since you took office at the head of Cetime?

When I arrived, I started with a diagnosis of CETIME’s strong and weak points, as well as the opportunities and threats of the market. I also carried out a survey on the needs of companies in the electrical, electronic and mechanical sectors.

This was essential, so that I could define my vision, refocus CETIME’s missions and define my strategic axes.

This work of reflection has enabled me to establish a target contract for 2020-2022, which will be the framework for work and investment at CETIME for a period of three years.

This constitutes the basis of management by objectives, which is imperative for good governance.

To achieve this, we have put in place a new sales and marketing policy and a communication policy conveyed through the various channels, which will allow us a better visibility on the market.

We have also overhauled our information system with the aim of preparing for a digital transformation and better decision-making support. We took advantage of the show to unveil the new CETIME logo.

This change conveys the strong message: CETIME is evolving and modernizing to better meet the needs of its customers.

4. The centre organizes training sessions: what do these sessions consist of (the importance of these sessions, the target audience)?

In terms of training, CETIME offers training courses for all industrial sectors. It offers a range of themes and can respond to specific and tailor-made customer needs.

The training themes it offers are practical, because they integrate the use of the test and simulation platforms available at CETIME.

We provide training in cross-cutting fields of interest to all industrial companies: welding techniques, non-destructive testing techniques, energy management and energy efficiency techniques, productivity improvement techniques, good practices in Lean Manufacturing, quality management, environment and metrology.

We also offer specific technical training in the electrical, electronic and mechanical sectors.

5. Cetime maintains cooperation relations with specialized international organizations. Could you give us more details on this aspect, knowing that you recently received a Chadian delegation at the center.

CETIME maintains international relations at the following three levels: within the framework of international cooperation agreements, CETIME manages relations with technical institutions in several countries.

These relations have enabled skills development inside CETIME and the transfer of know-how. These relations concern in particular France, Canada, Germany and Belgium.

At the same time, CETIME is present in the international bodies related to its fields of competence and represents Tunisia at the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and is designated as a Non-destructive testing certification NDT Training Center, for the French-speaking countries, by the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA.

Besides, and within the framework of its policy of opening to the international market, CETIME often receives African and Arab delegations in order to establish export opportunities of its services and know-how.

6. What are the future prospects of the center?

The center will continue to evolve according to the needs of the industrial sector and to be even more open to the export opportunities of its know-how.


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