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Tunisia: date exports hit record revenue of 237 million dinars

The export of dates for the current season has reached a record level compared to previous years, with a 25% increase in the value of date exports compared to the previous season.
By volume, the quantities exported went up by 4% from the beginning of the season (October 10, 2017) until January 23, 2018. They reached about 37,669 tons worth 237 million dinars, against 36,220 tons for a value of 190 million dinars during the same period of last season.

During the same period, the quantities of organic dates exported reached 4,752 tons against 4.102 tons during the same period of the previous season, representing a growth of 16%.
The record increase in quantities exported is attributed to higher sales to Indonesia (+ 122%), the United States (+ 107%) and India (+ 439%), as well as the stability of the Moroccan market , which ranks first with 8,200 tons, followed by Italy with 5,100 tons, France with 3,700 tons, and Spain and Germany with more than 2,700 tons exported to each country.


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