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Tunisia: industrial production drops 0.5% at end of November 2018

Industrial production went down 0.5% in the first eleven months of 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, according to the latest figures released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The INS explains this decrease by the decline in production in the chemical industry (-8.1%) with a fall in production of petroleum refining (-19.1%) and derivatives of phosphate and other non-metallic mineral products (-2.3%).

Output from non-energy extraction also decreased by 12.5%, due to the decline in crude phosphate production (3189.4 thousand tons at the end of November 2018 compared with 4150.5 thousand tons in November 2017).

The same goes for the activity of the extraction of energy products, whose production went down 2.1%.

On the other hand, industrial production recorded an increase in activities of agribusiness by 5.9% (following the increase observed in the production of olive oil), mechanical and electrical by 1.4%, the textile clothing and leather by 1.1% and the rubber and plastics sector by 5.4%.

Industrial production down 0.7% in November 2018, year-on-year

Industrial production fell 0.7% in November 2018, year-on-year, due to lower production in the energy product extraction sectors (-21.5%). %), miscellaneous industries (-9%), non-energy product extraction (-2.2%) and agro-food industries (-1.9%), mechanical and electrical industries (-1.2%) and textiles, clothing and leather (-0.7%).

On the other hand, industrial production increased in manufacturing sectors for other non-metallic mineral products (7.3%), chemical industry (5.9%), and rubber and plastics (4.5%).


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