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Tunisia: Inflation at 6.1 % in first 10 months (INS)

Tunisia’s inflation reached 6.1% during the first ten months of 2011, remaining almost stable in October, compared to September of the same year (5.8%), according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The stability recorded in October results according to the INS from a stable rate of price increases, particularly involving prices of “food products and drinks,” up 0.9 % between September and October2013.

However, prices of this product group rose by 7.8% in one year (from October 2012 to October 2013).

The INS also reports rising prices of meat (9.3%), edible oils (23.5%), fruits and dried fruits (10.8%), beverages (5%) and alcoholic beverages (14.2%), in addition to the 7% increase in prices of the group “clothing and footwear” year-on-year.

The year-on-year rate of change of free food products is estimated at 9.3%, against 0.3 % for subsidized food products.

Also increasing are the prices of the group “transport” (5.4 %) compared to its level in

October 2012. This increase resulted from the 5.6% increase in the prices of public and private transport services and rising car prices by 5%.

As to the group “housing and domestic energy,” it grew 5.1% in October 2013, compared to October 2012, given the increase in the prices of electricity and gas and housing rent and maintenance.

The consumer price index went up 0.9% in October 2013, compared with its level during the month of September of the same year. This growth is essentially due to rising prices of the food and drink group (1%), given the increase in prices of most food products during the period El Idha.

In its latest monthly statement, the Central Bank said last Thursday that the consumer price has continued its downward trend for the third month in a row, with an inflation rate of 5.8% yoy in September, 2013, against 6% in the previous month.


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