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Tunisia: over 50% of business leaders dissatisfied with last gov’t (IACE)

Over 50% of business leaders are dissatisfied with the performance of the last government, a survey conducted by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE) to assess the last government reveals.

The publication of this report coincided on Tuesday with the vote of confidence in the new proposed government.

According to this survey conducted on 500 companies operating in different sectors such as building, trade, industry and services, 60% of the surveyed business leaders are unsatisfied with the last government at the economic level, while 54% said they are dissatisfied with its achievement at the social level.

The survey focusing on the assessment of the current economic situation and on the impact of political instability on the enterprises’ activities also showed that the current economic situation is perceived as “bad” by 90% of those surveyed.

64% of the surveyed business leaders consider that political instability has a strong impact on their activities.

As for the implementation of measures related to the economic recovery plan, the survey revealed that 81.08% of the polled enterprises are not satisfied with the government’s commitment to counter corruption and break with immunity in this field.

About 70.27% of those surveyed voiced dissatisfaction at the government’s actions aimed to solve the pending problems halting the achievement of major projects and activate the resumption of the mining basin.

According to the same survey, 75.68% of business leaders are not satisfied with the reduction of bureaucracy and the digitization of the administration.


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