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Tunisia: September of Employment

Kawther Nsiri, officer at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, details to us the “September of Employment and Regional Development.” Interview:

What is the month of employment?

The Ministry of Employment and Training will host the event “September of Employment and Regional Development” which will be held from next September 12 to 30 in different parts of the country.

What is the main objective of this initiative?

This initiative aims to encourage graduates by giving them the tools to get a job through coaching activities, internships and additional training.

It also aims to stimulate the creation of employment through the development of new activities and incentives and through public-private partnerships.

In this regard, we can say that it is an excellent opportunity to put the country in a positive dynamic by bringing together gathering all stakeholders around employment and regional development.

Will there any foreign participation in this event?

Representatives of foreign companies have confirmed their presence in this meeting, like Qatar, Belgium, France and Germany which wanted to recruit Tunisian skills.

It is worth recalling in this context that Tunisia has received pledges to create 9,000 job positions in France and 20,000 others from Gulf countries

What is the program of this event?

A series of events will be organized to launch the awareness and information campaign under the motto “Employment is Everyone’s Responsibility.” There are also sectoral days to promote the development of a sector in a predefined region while achieving actions related to ministries concerned.

There will be Days of Entrepreneurship. And here we can see the huge presence of active players such as BTS, BFPME, Angels, investors, entrepreneurs and incubators.

In addition, the results of competitions taken by candidates in previous months will be posted in September and new competitions related to public service will be available to new applicants this month.

Do you think this event will give fruitful results, one month before the elections of October 23?

Tremendous efforts have been made since the outbreak of the revolution. This is why we chose the month of September to recap.

If we evaluate the approach of the ministry to solve the problem of employment, especially since the unemployment rate will increase from 14% (end 2010) to 20% by end 2011?

Initially, it should be noted that the employment problem is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training only. Each economic and social actor need to give contribution to face it.

For the efforts exerted, we can say that the interim government has done everything to address this alarming situation, and this through the establishment of an emergency program. It is a solution that has temporarily solved the problem of unemployment. This is one of the concerns that the future government should tackle.


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