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Tunisia: Think big and fight dwarf syndrome. Dixit, Jalloul Ayed

The Center of Young Business Leaders (CJD) organized, Saturday in Tunis, a lunch debate on the theme “Young Leader and Economic Recovery.”

Mr. Jalloul Ayed, Minister of Finance, was the guest of honor of CJD. He focused on the need to foster the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs in Tunisia, likely to accompany the country in the phase of democratic consolidation.

As for Slim Ben Ammar, President of CJD, he discussed the role of young business leaders and the importance of training them through discussion around real cases of businesses and reflection within commissions.

Since the Minister was no able to answer questions of our reporter on the sidelines of this event, we will confine ourselves to this one-answer interview that seems quite interesting and original, even if it is short:

What is the role of young business leaders in this transitional phase?

* Jalloul Ayed

This generation is called upon to think big and fight the dwarf syndrome that ruled the country for 23 years and during which success was not clearly seen.

We really need to consolidate democracy and this through the achievement of prosperity, which is the objective of the economic and social development program adopted by the Interim Government with investment of 125 billion dollars.

We should also foster the emergence of a virtuous circle in light of which democracy will prompt prosperity and subsequently enhance democratic consolidation.

Note in this connection that the economic and social development program being incapable of yielding rapid results, it is necessary to manage the current phase of expectation, while giving confidence to young people.

He added that during the period preceding the stabilization of economic growth, which should last between 5 and 7 years, tangible development signals should be sent to these youth to show them that their country indeed belongs to them and this, through various types of projects, including infrastructure and highways.


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