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Tunisia: TNTO falls back to last minute sales

Director General of Tunisia’s National Tourist Office (TNTO), Abdellatif Hamam, came to meet French tourism professionals by going to Ditex in Avignon.
“It’s very important to listen to the professionals, to give them information and identify operational actions to implement in order to maximize the benefit of late booking for the summer season,” he told the website ” Tour hebdo”, following the Avignon show.
Many travelers are still hesitant: “People want to go on holiday but do not yet know where. Tunisia therefore has a card to play in summer.”
The tour operators he met on the show have also asked him to prepare the tourism stakeholders on site to meet last minute sales. “By lobbying, we must ensure that TO will find air tickets at a reasonable price,” he said.
For travel agents “to be aware of the situation and the improvement of safety in place”, the Tourist Office has planned to invite a hundred vendors in May,” said for her part, Wahida Jaiet, director of TNTO for France. “The French have a natural propensity to go to Djerba, so we prefer to emphasize with other professionals such destinations as Sousse, Monastir and Hammamet.”
This is an opportunity for these professionals to see the multiplication of security gates and surveillance cameras.
“Since the attack in Sousse, security has become a top priority,” said Abdellatif Hamam.
He recognizes that the destination did not well measure the problem after the Bardo attack. “We thought that the attack targeted the Parliament and that tourists had been there almost by accident. With Sousse we understood that terrorists actually targeted tourists and through them our economy. “


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