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Tunisia: Tuscany companies mull investing in Sousse, Kasserine

Mr. Enrico Rossi, President of the Tuscany Region (Italy) said Tuscany companies are interested in investing and creating joint ventures in such Tunisian regions as Sousse and Kasserine.
Speaking at a meeting held recently in Florence on “Cooperation for Democracy between Tunisia and Tuscany,” he reviewed the opportunities offered by these regions in the health, agriculture, basic infrastructure and manufacturing industries sectors.
Areas of investment and partnership in Sousse and Kasserine were outlined by the governors of these cities, particularly in the areas of tourism, exploitation of useful substances, food industries…
The two governors called for strengthening the Tunisian-Italian cross-border program which could generate profitable projects for both Tunisian and Italian regions.
Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Ridha Bettaieb, who led the Tunisian delegation to this meeting, reviewed the challenges faced by Tunisia, including employment, improvement of living conditions and development of inland regions.
The minister spoke of the reforms to be made in matters of economy and investment and good governance practices.


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