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Tunisian passport ranked 63rd in the world, down 2 spots

The Tunisian passport moved down two places in the Henley & Partner Passport Index ranking to 63rd in this year’s edition. Tunisia has a score of 80, the same as last year, making it the sixth most powerful African passport.

By allowing access to 33 destinations without visas, the national travel document is also ranked seventh in the Arab world.

In the new compilation of the world’s most powerful passports, Henley & Partners analyzed the timeliness of travel documents from 199 countries around the world, based on the number of destinations that could be visited without applying for a visa.

The Seychelles passport is the most powerful on the African continent. It ranks 23rd in the world with a mobility score of 142. It also allows access to 102 countries without the need for a visa. Mauritius (27th) is second in Africa, followed by South Africa (58th).

Botswana (58th) has the fourth most powerful passport in Africa and managed to surpass Lesotho (62nd). Tunisia and Namibia both have the sixth most powerful passports on the continent and rank 63rd globally.

Eswatini (64th) is next, followed by Malawi (65th) and Morocco (66th). Kenya, Zambia and Cape Verde are tied for 67th place and close the African ranking of the ten most powerful passports in Africa.

The United Arab Emirates has the most powerful passport in the world and thus tops the list among Arab countries. With a mobility score of 181 and a global reach of 91%, the second largest economy in the Gulf surpasses its neighbors such as Qatar (43rd) and Kuwait (44th).

The Kingdom of Bahrain (48th) holds the fourth most powerful Arab passport, allowing it to better position itself above Saudi Arabia (50th) and the Sultanate of Oman (52nd).

The Tunisian passport (63rd) is sixth in the Arab world in terms of power, giving it the opportunity to do better than the Moroccan passport (66th). Egypt and Jordan hold the 77th most powerful passport in the world.

Algeria and Mauritania close the TOP 10 of the most powerful passports in the Arab world by ranking 78th.

It is interesting to note that the countries with the least powerful passports in the world are Iraq (93rd), Syria (94th) and Afghanistan (95th).


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