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Drawing up of economic recovery programme to start soon

Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied said Tuesday his department will soon begin drawing up an economic recovery programme that will present urgent measures and a strategic vision by 2035.

At a meeting held with representatives of joint chambers of commerce, Saied pointed out that the ministry is also working on the development plan for the next period, stressing that it will be prepared under a participatory approach.

This will allow the council of joint chambers to present its suggestions to improve the investment climate and business in Tunisia, according to him.

At the end of this meeting, the Minister and representatives of joint chambers have agreed to form joint working groups to examine the various proposals.

This meeting was an opportunity to review the various issues facing investors including bureaucratic formalities.

The representatives of the chambers have emphasised the need to improve the exchange code and the legislative framework to keep it in line with advances at the international level.


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